For close to a century, VAUTID group of companies has been evolving and innovating fiercely to make its products obdurate and free from wear. By focussing on wear problems in a wide spectrum of industries across the globe, VAUTID group has collected more practical wear-related experience than anyone else in the field.

At VAUTID-SHAH, we understand the importance of operational reliability and power our products to be immune to wear. Our products fight abrasion, erosion, stress and other wear-causing factors, which are often coupled with heat and corrosion. Our continuous quest to fight wear is demonstrated from our 360 degree product spectrum, which encompasses a wide array of advanced materials (Composite wear plates, hardsurfacing materials, hybrid castings, hardmetals, ceramics etc.), sophisticated processes (PTA, Laser, TWAS etc.) and intelligent engineering. Put simply, our technology S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S life.


    The inventors of hardfacing and global leaders in wear-protection since more than 65 years. Sophisticated German-engineered welding and casting products have solved wear problems across all Industries and Continents.

  • Technogenia

    Specialists in spherical tungsten carbide products, laser cladding, technocasting.